2016 Ultra4 vs Rock Bouncer Shootout

Ultra4 vs Rock Bouncer Shootout on Chocolate Thunder

The 2016 Ultra4 vs Rock Bouncer Shootout took place during the King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley California. They moved the event from backdoor to Chocolate Thunder for crowd safety and better parking. The weather was brutal with high winds and ice cold night temperatures blowing up through the rock valley. Over 20 vehicles from all over the country came out to compete in this event. Vehicles ran one at a time and were timed. The fastest overall took home $7500 and the losing side’s fastest run took home $2500. I brought out the Kill Shot buggy to see if it had what it took to take the win for the rock bouncers. I was towards the beginning of the race and had a great time going before hitting a rogue rock and launching into the air and landing sideways causing me to lose a lot of time. The rest of the rock bouncers showed out and when it was all said and done Scott Goforth brought home the win for the SRRS in his Rum Runner Rock Bouncer. The participation on the Ultra4 side was lacking this year. We hope to have a Bounty Hill next year and put this Ultra4 vs Rock Bouncer deal to rest. For more 2016 King of the Hammers Videos head over to the Busted Knuckle Youtube Channel.

Check out the full video from the 2014 Backdoor Shootout in the Video Below.

KOH Backdoor Shootout 2014

KOH Backdoor Shootout 2014


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