Rock Bouncing King Knob – Rock Rods Episode 6

Rock Rods Episode 6 – Rock Bouncing King Knob

On this Rock Rods episode we take you to King Knob Off Road Park in Philippi, West Virginia for some Hill Killing and Trail Riding Action. Now you have seen plenty of rock racing action but what about some good ole trail riding and hill killing action? Look no further this is the episode for you. Once all the drivers were finished running the hills for the Southern Rock Racing Series event we all headed out to tackled some trails. The first was called One Shot and is one back steep climb that take commitment and throttle control. Tim Cameron was there in his Showtime 2.0 rock bouncer and was the first to attempt the climb. He felt it out with a few runs before blasting out the top of the hill. Next up was Adam Ringer in the Showgirl Buggy. He launched up the ledge numerous time but just couldn’t find the traction before busting his fuel cell ending his run. For everyone’s safety they went ahead and burned off the puddle of race fuel left behind. Travis Vance and Joe Pierce both rolled their rigs attempting the climb. AJ Rockwell was the last to hit the hill in his Havoc Buggy and even after some wide open assault he was also denied. A few of us kept on riding and hitting some easier hills around the park before heading back to watch some RZR Buggies do some insane climbs. Justin Pierpoint and Michael Farnsworth were battling it out to see who’s rzr buggy could climb the best. Justin ended with one nasty cartwheel crash bending all sorts of parts but he drove it away. For more Rock Bouncing Action Subscribe to the Busted Knuckle Youtube Channel.

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