Rock Bouncer Formula Offroad

Rock Bouncer Formula Offroad Racing

There has been a constant battle between viewers online about which is better a Rock Bouncer or Formula Offroad Car. Rock Bouncer Formula Offroad has never happened before, Until Now. This will answer one side of this question as Rock Bouncers Bolt on Paddle tires and Battle it out with Iceland during the First Ever Formula Offroad USA race at Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee. This Formula Offroad Hill Climb competition was tough on the Rock Bouncer Buggies with only one of them making it to the final climb of the day.

Hill 1

It started on the first hill with four rock bouncers and 1 mud truck taking on these loose dirt hill climbs. Travis Lovett was the first rock bouncer to attempt the climb. He made it look easy until he got to the final wall and did a wheelie that broke the front end upon landing. A red rock buggy hit the hill hard but just did not have the horsepower to make the climb. Richie Keith was next up in the Plowboy 2.0 rock bouncer. He hit the hill hard with a ton of horsepower but rolled on the final wall breaking the rear end. John Campbell was the final hope for the Rock Bouncers. He hit the hill hard and walked right up the difficult final section becoming the only rock bouncer left in the competition.

John Campbell Represents!

John Campbell drove the remainder of the hills like a man on a mission. He shocked us all as he climbed Hill 2. Then Hill 3 was no problem. John rolled on Hill 4 but so did the rest of the formula offroad drivers. Unfortunately this en ded the day for him and he was unable to hit Hill 5. In the end John put on a great display of driving and proved that a Rock Bouncer Formula Offroad Car crossover is possible. The next question is can a Formula Off Road Car go Rock Bouncing? For more Formula Off Road Racing action head over to the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

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