RockRod Drag Racing – Hawk Pride

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two Southern Rock Rods lined up side by side and hammered down in an all out drag race? I know we have! Well it finally happened this past Sunday at Hawk Pride Off Road Park in Tuscumbia, AL. The competitors were Adam Lee, Terry Lee, Jonathan Andrews, the new owner of Ethan Tanner’s Ol Orange Buggy, Brent Newbourn, and jeep buggy and a Ultra 4 style buggy. The buggies went through two rounds of racing. Whoever made it to the 200ft mark first was the winner of that round. Adam Lee picked off his competitors one by one. He had to face his Dad in the finals and beat him by a full car length to become champion. I guess the 383, TH400, and Atlas transfer case in his buggy helped him gain the speed he needed to make it out on top. We hope to see more of this type of door to door racing action in the future! Be sure to check out the Videos at!


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