Busted Knuckle Buggy Rock Bouncer Build

After building and wheeling a Solid Axle Tacoma and a Fully Built Jeep YJ on 44 inch tires, tons, and a V8 I knew it was time for a buggy. I have had the chance to drive the Sosebee’s Offroad and Performance built Hitman Buggy a few times and love how powerful and lightweight it is. So I chose Sosebees for the job of building my new rig Turnkey.

First we sourced a LQ4 6.0 motor for it. These motors are very easy to find as they were available in a ton of GM cars, vans, and trucks. With a few mods they can make 500 reliable horsepower. We will be running a TH350 trans. A 3.0 ATLAS II transfers the power to the axles. Not only are they tough but they are also lightweight. Keeping weight down every chance we get will only make this buggy perform better.

For axles we decided that 14 bolt steering axles would offer the strength and maneuverability we were looking for. This involves taking a 14 bolt rear axle, retubing it with DOM tubing and adding Dana 60 outers to them. We chose Solid Axle inner Cs and Knuckles for their price and durability. To make sure they will hold up to the abuse we installed a pile of Yukon Gear and Axle Parts into them including their 4.88 gears, shafts, joints, and flanges. We went with 4.88 ratio gears in the axles to keep everything strong and have use of high range in the TH350 trans. We chose to go with the TMR Customs 14bolt shave kit for some added clearance. With this kit you actually cut off the bottom of your diff and machine down the Ring Gear to fit in the newly clearanced housing. This will keep the 14bolt chunks from becoming Boat Anchors.

We went with 43 SX Stickies on Raceline 17″ Beadlocks from Goforth Tire. Rear Steer duties were handled by PSC Single ended Rams, Pumps and Orbital with the rear being guided by an auto return to center kit from Stazworks.. For seats we went with some nice High Back Suspension Seats and Padded 5 point harnesses.

The Sosebees Performance and Offroad Chassis Turned Out Killer and we cannot wait to get it out on the trail for its first Beatdown! STAY TUNED!

About The Author
- Camera Guy/Editor/Gearhead

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