On Rock Rods episode 98 we are taking you Rock Bouncer Racing at Windrock ORV Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. This is round 2 of the Southern Rock Racing Series 2020 season. SRRS Windrock is always a good show. They have some wild hill climb racing courses. The best rock bouncers in the World are here and ready to battle it out. 2 Hill Climbs for time, best time overall takes home bragging rights and a wad of cash.

Bring on the Jumps

One of our favorite additions to the 2020 SRRS season of Rock Bouncer

Bobby Tanner Rock Bouncer Racing

Bobby Tanner SRRS Windrock 2020

racing is the added jump to every course. All rock bouncer drivers must start each course by jumping a double. This is right in front of the crowd. Then they turn and hit each one of the hill climbs. This does two things. It gives the crowd good action right off of the bat and separates the drivers as they have to time the jump perfect. If you over jump you will blow the turn and not make a good time. We all know what happens when you under jump a jump, that’s right you crash or it at the very least slows you down. This makes drivers really be on their A game and adds to the spectacle of racing.

The Race is on

Even though these were much of the same hills that have been ran before it

Gold Rush Rock Bouncer Racing

Gold Rush SRRS Windrock 2020

didn’t make the show any less awesome. There were multiple super fast runs and some drivers found the hard way back down to the bottom of the hill. Almost every driver chose the hard fast line on hill 2 and most of them made it look easy. This is a testament to the evolution of the sport and just what these vehicles can do now thanks to some of the best technology in suspension and engines.

The Results

The rock racing crashes this time were down right brutal and we are glad all drivers were ok once the dust settled on the Windrock SRRS Rock Bouncing race. We can’t wait to see what remains for the SRRS 2020 season so stay tuned for more action from Busted Knuckle Films and let us know who your favorite SRRS Rock Racing driver is in the comments!

Photos by Black Dog Photography.

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