Blake Wilkey Wins Lakebed Launch 2020

Blake Wilkey Sends it in his Shreddy Lyfe Bug at the 1st annual Lakebed Launch at King of the Hammers 2020. That’s right the Blake Wilkey Urban Assault guy. The purpose of the Jump Champs event was to see who could jump their vehicle over 100 ft. There were trophy trucks, prerunners and even a Monster Truck got in on the festivities. The jumps might not seem that big but these drivers were jumping to a flat landing which is extremely tough on their suspension. We think this was a good addition to the KOH 2020 festivities. Let us know what you think about adding this to the King of the Hammers show in the comments below.

Next Year

Maybe next year we can bring a Busted Knuckle Off Road built rock bouncer out and compete or maybe even jump the Knucklehead Garage Bronco. We might have to swap to trailing arms on the rear as I don’t think big jumps like this and leaf springs are a good combination but I guess we won’t know until we try. Stay tuned for more great content from this years KOH.

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