BRONCO Build in just 6hrs

A great idea

The 6 hour Bronco Build started out as just a crazy idea that came about over beers during lunch on a typically work week for the guys at Desolate Motorsports. They thought that it would be cool to build a Bronco at King of the Hammers in the middle of the desert in just one day. It should be no problem considering that they had built hundreds of these Broncos over the years with their parts. So they gave us a call and requested to do the build in our vendor booth in Hammertown. Since we already had the space it was a no brainer and the planning started.

The Build

Well the guys from Desolate decided to bring the owner Greg’s mint condition full size Bronco to King of the Hammers 2020 to prove that they could fully build one into a Prerunner Bronco using their parts in just one day. We didn’t believe that they could do it but they quickly showed that they had put in the time to plan everything out and make it happen. They even boasted that they would be done and drinking beer by 3pm that same day. Well people gathered from all over Hammertown on Wednesday to watch this crazy idea unfold.

It begins

The build began at 10:30am and withing 30 minutes the crew of 6 had dropped all of the suspension from under the Ford Bronco. The next step was preparing the frame for Full long travel suspension, sway bar, triple bypass shocks, regeared front and rear diffs and even a roll cage. All of this was to go into this build in just over 6 hours. These 6 guys know how to build Broncos and build them fast. Somehow they pulled it off as the bronco drove away just before dark. The bad thing is now their customers are going to expect faster turnaround times. The good parts is us Knucklehead Garage guys just videoed and drank beer the whole time. It was a great day!

What’s Next?

Stay tuned as next we are taking this Bronco and the Busted Knuckle Bronco on it’s first adventure out at KOH. We put an absolute thrashing on these 20 year old ponies and they laughed just laughed it off. One thing is for sure that the guy’s at Desolate sure know how to build a fun prerunner on the cheap.

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