Worst Cable Hill Crash Ever

Plowboy Cable Hill Crash

We have seen some wild crashes on the infamous Cable Hill at Gray Rock ORV in Mt. Olive, Alamaba. None of them were quite as bad on the Plowboy Cable Hill Crash. Richie Keith hit Cable Hill Wide Open in his Plowboy Buggy with the 43 sx stickies clawing for traction. He got up to the first ledge when his front tires gripped pulling a wheelstand and tumbling back down to the bottom. The buggy looked like a pinball slamming back and forth from rock wall to rock wall all the way back down to the bottom before landing back on its tires. Richie walked away with only a broken collar bone and a new found respect for the proper safety gear and this hill. The buggy was ready to go again but Richie was not.

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This Insane Cable Hill Run is also one of the best we have ever seen.

Riot Buggy Insane Launch Down Cable Hill

Riot Buggy Insane Launch Down Cable Hill

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