Randall Key Insane Air

Randall Key Goes Big in Arkansas

You do not tell a guy like Randall Key that he won’t hit the banner. The guys running this rock race put a bounty up for anyone that could hit the banner strung high across the finish line of the Hog Wild Shootout race course at Superlift ORV in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Well Randall Key was up for the challenge as he Airs out his RAGE Rock Bouncer so big that he disappears out of view right before it comes crashing down right beside the the camera man. I almost needed a new pair of shorts after that one! Luckily Randall was not injured and only had to make minor repairs to his rock bouncer.

For more crash big air check out the Busted Knuckle Video YouTube Channel.

Check out all of the epic crashes in this Rock Bouncer Crashes Compilation.

Rock Bouncer Crashes Compilation 2

Rock Bouncer Crashes Compilation 2



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