The Kracken – First Ever IFS/IRS Rock Bouncer

The Kracken Unleashed

Check out the world’s First Fully Independent Suspension equipped Rock Bouncer aka the Kracken. That’s Right IFS and IRS on this Turbo LS Powered beast of a go fast buggy. Dean Lickliter built this rig himself in his garage in Frankfort, Kentucky. This rig makes use of Hummer Portals to help keep the 9inch center sections together when those 43″ SX Stickies hit the ground hard. While Pinion Brakes turn the go into whoa. This rig turns heads everywhere it goes with it’s hand built a-arms. It made some impressive runs at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park on the Bounty Hills. It is basically a RZR on steroids. They are still dialing in the suspension and when it’s all done it will be a hard rig to beat racing in 2016.

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Take a Closer Look at the Kracken.

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