RZR Bounty Hill Climb Crashfest

RZR Bounty Hill Competition at Dirty Turtle Off Road Park

UTVs hit the RZR bounty hill climb at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park during the annual Boo Bash Event. We saw RZR after RZR hit the bounty hill and roll, crash, or all around fail to make it out the top. It seemed like no one was going to climb this hill when the first RZR Buggy clawed it’s way out the top and paved the way for more of these light little buggies to make it up. These tube chassis rigs feature all RZR drivetrains but are stronger and lighter than a normal Polaris RZR. Most of them run a Polaris RZR XP1000 Drivetrain for power and strength.

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The owner spared no expense when he decided to build this Custom RZR Buggy.

Mini Showtime RZR Buggy

Mini Showtime RZR Buggy




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