Rental Yamaha Rhino Crashes Hard

Rental Yamaha Rhino Crashes at Mountain Side

This Yamaha Rhino Crashes Hard. There is that one guy in every group that always seems to tear stuff up. Well you aren’t suppose to let that guy borrow your Yamaha Rhino UTV. The owner of this Rhino obviously didn’t know any better and let his buddy borrow it to putt around the local offroad park. Well he couldn’t just putt around and after watching a few RZRs make the climb he decided it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. He lines the Yamaha utv up and goes for it. He gives it two good tries each time lifting the front tires off the ground as the vehicle starting turning to the side. He saves it both times then decides to warm up the tires for one last try. He backs way up and hits the rock slab climb with plenty of momentum but loses traction towards the top and starts sliding back down. As the UTV is sliding down the back left tire catches traction throwing the front end up and over as he gases it in an attempt to save the roll but the yamaha rhino crashes hard down to the bottom and winding up on it’s lid. After they get it flipped back over he tells us that it is his friend’s utv. Let that be a lesson. Don’t let your friends borrow your UTV.

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