Rock Bouncing Tub Rock

Tub Rock Beatdowns

Everyone has a list of their top off road trails. Well towards the top of our list would be the Tub Rock Trail at Gray Rock ORV park in Mt. Olive, Alabama. Tub Rock has seen its fair share of rock bouncers over the years. They come from all over the country to conquer this awesome obstacle. Tub Rock is a interesting hill. It features a slick rock ledge at the bottom and solid rock all the way out the top. People stop and do some massive burnouts on this slick rock. This helps heat their tires up so they can get the traction they need to make the climb. Others get their front tires on top of the ledge and then use momentum to get their rear tires over it. It takes even more commitment when the trail is wet. The trail got its name by from the bath tub someone had left in the woods at the bottom of the trail. It still remains today.

SRRS takes on Tub Rock

The Southern Rock Racing Series decided to have one of their events at Gray Rock ORV and picked this slick rock climb as the first course. Check out all of the Action in the Video Above. Some of the biggest names in Rock Bouncing showed up to tackle this iconic trail. Including Bobby Tanner, Richie Keith, and many more. Grab some Popcorn and Enjoy!

For more Tub Rock Videos check out the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

Watch Rock Bouncer Hammer Down on the infamous Cable Hill in the Video Below!

Rock Bouncing Cable Hill

Rock Bouncing Cable Hill


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