Rock Rods the Movie

Rock Rods the Movie

Rock Rods the Movie is here. Does a screaming engine send chills up your spine? Are you looking for more action and more throttle? Well look no further! We spent an entire year traveling all over the Southeast filming the wildest show in off-road motor-sports. We followed some the most well known drivers in the sport including Tim Cameron, Wes Kean, the Tanners, Brian Cole and many more. The film was shot on location at some of the best Off-Road Parks in the South. These include Gray Rock, Morris Moutain, Crusher Ridge, River Rock & Choccolocco ORV. This isn’t rock-crawling as it is known out West. This is Southern Style Wheeling. Rock Bouncing is the term used for this full throttle, high speed style of wheeling that has become more and more popular over the years. These are not your typical rock-crawling rigs either these are RockRods. These full tube creations are built to handle the abuse with insane motors, built axles, huge tires, and drivers that refuse to quit. Their make it or break it attitude brings crowds of people to events all over the country.

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