Rock Rods 4 the Movie – Sneak Peek

Rock Rods 4 the Movie

We have pulled out all of the stops to make Rock Rods 4 the movie one of the best rock bouncing films ever produced. It features some of the best drivers in the sport. We followed these Rock Stars of the rocks to parks and races all over the country.

The Intro

I have always wanted to do a intro featuring a set up video shoot. When we got the call to head down to CSC fabrication in Georgia to video their newest build I knew this was the time. The new ride was unnamed and I had a great idea that would stick it with the name “Outlaw”. Lucky for us Cave Springs is a small town with some awesome people. Labronne the owner of CSC was able to talk the local police into lending us a hand with the shoot. They had just recieved a brand new Dodge Charger and we wanted to use it for a chase scene. The end result went viral and we decided to use it for the intro to the movie.

The Parks

We traveled all over the USA to film. This film features footage from Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennesse, Kentucky, Arkansas and even California. That’s right we took a rock bouncer to California to do some wheeling at King of the Hammers. You do not want to miss this movie. We went trail riding, did some bounty hill killing, and even did some rock racing. All of this is featured on the 90 minute long feature film. You can purchase Rock Rods 4 the movie as a digital download on ITunes or buy a DVD copy in the Busted Knuckle Online Store. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and order yours today and you will be couch wheeling in no time.

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- Camera Guy/Editor/Gearhead

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