Trail Bouncing Pennsylvania Paradise

Trail Bouncing in PA

You see us do a lot of racing and cover a ton of racing events. That is a huge part of what we do but not all that we do. Sometimes we Trail Ride or even send cameras to people to cover trail rides. This time we are taking you to some Private Land in Pennsylvania for some Trail Bouncing Action with some Rock Bouncers and the crew at Tucker’s Off Road. Now this place is not open for riding. So do not waste your time asking us where it is or directions on how to get there. With that being said it sure does look like a cool place to wheel.

We have been working with Nate and Heather Tucker of Tucker’s Offroad for quite a while. They have covered numerous events for us up North. Not only are they pretty handy with a camera. They also build some awesome off road vehicles. Their specialty is tube chassis rock bouncers that feature 2.5 ton Rockwell axles. This keeps them much more budget friendly than most of the ones you see racing in our videos. Best part is they Love to Trail Ride or go Trail Bouncing as they put it.

We haven’t had the chance to ride up North with their group but hope to one day. Rock Bouncing your way up rushing waterfalls and climbing near vertical rock walls makes this place one of the top locations on our list for a trail ride up north. We might even try to sneak in a trip up North to check it out in 2018. What was your favorite of these PA Off Road Trails? We can’t wait to do some Pennsylvania Offroading next year with our Rock Bouncer and the crew at Tucker’s Offroad.

Nate entered his Hog Wild Rock Bouncer at the Mountain Mud Run Race and did pretty well. Check out the video below to see the Action.

Watch Mountain Mud Run Video

Mountain Mud Run Episode

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