Bobby Tanner takes on Disney Bounty Hill

Bobby Tanner vs Disney Bounty Hill

Screaming Blue

Bobby Tanner has arguably one of the most iconic rock bouncing buggies around. His Screaming Blue rock bouncer features a 383 stroker motor, th400 transmission, and Atlas Transfer case. He is well know in the sport for giving it a beating. This time on Disney Bounty Hill was no different.

Disney Bounty Hill

Disney Bounty Hill got its name from the Big Meats Run events that happened in Disney, Oklahoma. They supposedly put money on the hill. If anyone climbed the hill they would win the money. Well when Showgirl buggy conquered they found out the hard way that was just a rumor. That doesn’t stop people from still trying to climb it to this day. Even if it is only for bragging rights.

Bobby Tanner Time

Bobby had just bolted on a brand new set of 43 SX Stickies. These tires have a soft but agressive compound to help bobby tanner climb rocks. Little did he realize that we would all but destroy them on this Hill. Bobby Pulled up to the line just across the creek. Once lined up he launched off the line and made his first attempt on the hill. The motor was wide open as big rocks were slung everywhere. The vehicle lost traction around half way up. Bobby backed down to ready himself for another hit. He beat on this hill multiple times before getting the motor and transmission hot. Each time he would make it farther and farther but the transmission just couldn’t take it anymore and let go.

Disney Bounty Hill still eludes Bobby Tanner to this day. We have no doubt that he will come back and climb it. We will be sure to be there to catch it all on camera. Check out more videos of the insane beatdowns that happen on this hill on the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel. Also check out the climb below that put Bobby Tanner on the map forever.

bobby tanner insane climb

bobby tanner insane climb


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