Showtime Hill Showdown – Rock Rods Ep. 4

Showtime Hill Gets Beat

On this episode of Rock Rods we take you to Hot Springs Off Road Park for the Southern Rock Racing Series Showtime Hill Showdown where 10 drivers take on the infamous Showtime Bounty Hill in their Rock Bouncers. Over the course of 4 years Bobby Tanner and Tim Cameron are the only drivers to conquer this climb. This number would change and the fastest one to the top would take home the cash. Kris Koon was the first up in his Torq Buggy but lost traction and was denied. Next up was Richie Keith in Plowboy 2. He jump his buggy got sideways into a tree and tumbled back down the hill onto all fours again. Randall Key clawed for traction in his Rage Reloaded buggy but was unsuccessful. Kenneth Reece got sideways and took a wild ride back down to the bottom. There was a ton of carnage and choas as the day progressed but after all was said and done Timmie Cameron took home the win in his Showtime 2.0 buggy with the fastest time. While Bobby Tanner, Adam Ringer and Danny Smith also made the climb.

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Rock Bouncing Cable Hill

Rock Bouncing Cable Hill

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