RZR Buggy Jump Gone Wild

Rzr Buggy Jump Gone Wild for $500

We all know that you can never tell a crazy guy that he cannot do something. Bet that person they cannot do that same thing and get ready for a show. Bill Baird did just that during the 2015 Sturgis Offroad Blowout event in Sturgis, Kentucky. He bet Anthony Yount the Driver of the No Respect RZR XP1000 Buggy that he couldn’t take out the banner at the top of the Rock Bouncer race course. Well Anthony had other plans as he hit the course like a man on a mission. Rolling on the 1st obstacle then hitting the last wide open resulting in huge air. This huge air resulted with a nose dive that led to a front flip that took out the banner just before he landed back on the tires and drove away. He took home $500 for taking out the banners strung across the finish line which was just enough to fix the broken parts on his Custom RZR Buggy. This Rzr Buggy Jump Gone Wild quickly got a ton of views putting Anthony and his RZR on the Map.

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rzr crashes

rr crash compilation



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