World’s Fastest Smart Car – 1500hp


We have seen some cool vehicles in our travels all over the world. But this was the first Jet Powered Smart car we have ever seen first hand. Mike West built what he is calling the World’s fastest smart car. It definitely has the most horsepower. We caught up to him at the Monster Jam World Finals where he was showcasing this insane ride. The car features a 1500 horsepower jet engine out of a helicopter. They also retained the factory smart car motor and drive train so they can still drive this Jet powered smart car on the street. You think that Mike and his crew are rocket scientists or high tech mechanics, right? Wrong, they are just some shade tree mechanics that like jet engines and figured out how to stuff them in odd vehicles. We only got to see a demonstration of what this car is capable of on a small closed course in Las Vegas, Nevada. We would love to video it tearing up the drag strip. I bet it would hurt some feelings real quick. No one wants to get beat by a smart car even if it is powered by a 1500 horsepower jet engine making it the World’s fastest smart car. It has to be hot riding along side that jet engine. I wouldn’t want to be sitting in there with it. Talk about a death wish for sure. Check out the Busted Knuckle Youtube Channel for more unique vehicles like this one.

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