Brand New Chevy Truck Beat Down

Drive it Like a Rental Chevy Truck Beat Down

This is what happens when someone has been watching rock bouncers climb hills all day at a local off road park in West Virginia. The driver of this Chevy Truck throws back a few cold ones and decides that he can climb hills too! He climbs in his Brand New Chevy extended cab 4×4 that is all stock and starts hitting the hills wide open. The Chevy bounces its way up each climb with the rev limiter singing. He catches some good air for a stock truck and somehow the truck just takes it and comes back for more. This should be a commercial for Chevrolet! The driver repeatedly hits each hill until he has proven the worth of his truck. The crowd goes wild as we walk up for an interview. His buddy urges him to claim ownership of the truck and he does with the end note of “Go Big or Go Home”. Would should have known there was more to the story. Well it turns out that this was a Rental Truck. He didn’t even own it nor was he the one that rented it in the first place. Talk about Drive it Like a Rental! He paid the price for this stunt with some jail time but it did make him famous. Do you think it was worth it? Probably not.

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powerstoke sleeper

powerstoke sleeper

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