We have been itching at the chance to make it out to one of the biggest off road events in Tennessee. Dixie Run is ran by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association and has been held annually for over 25 years! We pulled in to Golden Mountain Park on Thursday afternoon. It is nestled in the Sparta, Tennessee hills. We were amazed at how well built this park is. It looks like it used to be a big amusement park. We drove up the gravel drive past the dirt circle track and up the hill to the main pavilion between the ponds to setup the Busted Knuckle Booth. We got everything unhooked and headed for a near bye hotel about 20minutes away.
We returned bright and early on Friday to walk around and meet the early risers wandering through vendor row. We caught up with Adam Woodlee of Wide Open Design and Nazir Adam who owns the infamous Blower Buggy. They were getting ready to head out for a trail ride. Nazir asked me how I was getting around. I pointed at my 400EX and laughed. He chuckled and yelled “nope your riding with me”. Without hesitation I hopped in the 830hp supercharged monster and we were off. The buggy has PCI Race Radios so you can talk and not be deafened by the throaty exhaust. We did some mild trails and I got out from time to time to catch some of the action. The new 42″ BFG Krawler stickies wrapped around 20″ beadlocks stuck to everything. He made the new “crackhead” obstacle look like it was nothing. The sun started to go down and the weather started to get cold. The cold weather was no match for the heated seats in the blower buggy. We got back to camp and I climbed out and headed back to the hotel.
Saturday morning is the main day at Dixie Run. There was a competition for all rigs. It was on a course right off the main drag. Competitors had to start the course facing down hill and back up and spin around before they could begin. They then went up a ledge at the bottom and had to make a loop at the top choosing to either go up a nasty climb for a bonus or go up the easy line and come down the nasty ledge. A Toyota Truck on 38″ tires started the show by showing all the big dogs that he could one shot the nasty ledge at the top of the hill. All of the competitors made the nasty ledge at the top. Some took more attempts than others but the action was great! The Rancho buggy had all kinds of bad luck after Running out of gas trying to get to the start line (they will never let him live that one down). He broke a driveline on the crazy ledge at the top after a few throttle happy attempts and had to be winched. Adam Lee put on a show in his new 4 wheel steer buggy and had the fastest time of the day.
Once the comp was over everyone headed to the top of the hill for some much needed lunch. They had some amazing BBQ courtesy of Blue Flame BBQ. Once our bellies were full it was time to get out on the trail and do some exploring. We made our way over to the infamous Bounty Hill. This obstacle is one of the toughest I have ever seen. Only a hand full of people have ever made it up successfully. The rollover rate is very high on this one. We pulled up as a crowd was descending on this adrenaline junky of an obstacle. Jake Burkey was the first to attempt. This is no place for a Jeep even one as heavily built as Jake’s. Everyone was surprised (even Jake) when he pulled up on the obstacle and decided to hammer down and see what happens. The epicness that ensued cannot be described in words but I will do my best. It is best to watch the video below. He launched the buggy half way up the climb only to lunge over to the left and start rolling. People scattered off of the large rock wall (usually a fairly safe place) as Jake and his co pilot tumbled down the hill only to land back on all fours. The crowd went crazy! Jake feeding off of the adrenaline strapped on a helmet and went for round two. His second attempt ended with the Jeep on its side. He was recovered and back down the hill for Adam Woodlee to give it a try in his KOH buggy. Adam is a Bounty Hill Veteran and has climbed it multiple times. After getting lined up just right he launched his LS powered buggy hard up the near vertical rock face. SNAP! Something let loose in the rear 14bolt axle. He was done for the day. PJ Mallory was up next in his FJ40 skinned buggy. He had already climbed the obstacle the day before and was ready to show off this time in front of a crowd. He wasn’t so lucky this time. After lining up with his rear steer he launched his buggy hard with his Maxxis tires scratching for a grip. He slides sideways and rolls over onto his side. Nazir Adam (the owner of the Blower Buggy) has been watching everything unfold from the drivers seat of his 830hp Rockwell endowed Blower Buggy. He sikes his self up and gets ready for battle. The Buggy is stripped of its skins and readied for battle. Nazir and his co driver throw on some helmets and pull up to feel out the rock wall that is Bounty Hill. He gives a few good launches and warms up the 42″ sticky Krawlers. Adam Woodlee guides him into position. In one fluid motion Nazir grips the wheel and stabs the throttle the krawlers are no match for the heart pounding horsepower. They lose grip at the top and throw the rig sideways into a roll. When the dust clears Nazir and his Co Driver are high fiving. They line up to give it another try. This time Nazir stabs the throttle and loses traction at the top of the rock face which this time throws them right into a roll. They once again land on all fours. Thats it. Four rigs came to try and tame the beast that is Bounty Hill and they all leave with an adrenaline infused memory and a few new scratches and dents. What a great end to and epic day. We all headed back to the pavilion where food was served, prizes raffled, and awards were given.
We had no idea what to expect coming to Dixie Run. What we got was a great laid back weekend with a ton of awesome people and some of the best action we have shot all year courtesy of Bounty Hill. You can bet we will be back again next Year for Dixie Run 2012. See y’all then! Until then Check out the Videos Below and the Photo Album on our Facebook Page! KEEPING CHECKING BACK AS WE HAVE A TON OF VIDEOS TO ADD!

Friday Videos:



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2011 SFWDA Dixie Run

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