What happens when you take one of the most well known exclusive Off-Road Parties and make it open to the public? EPIC is what happens. RBD a.k.a Ricky B. Day in honor of the young photographers birthday has been a well known invite only event for years. The past videos and photos from this once a year off-road thrill fest made hundreds of people flock to Morris Mountain ORV in Heflin, AL for a chance to get in on the Shenanigans. Here is how it all went down.


The day started off as a good crowd started to roll into the park and get ready for some great wheeling. The weather was cold, windy, and rainy. This didn’t stop the off-roaders from tearing down the trails and hitting every obstacle in the park. There were numerous rollovers and flops as engines were bounced off their rev limiters on the mud covered climbs. The football fans watched the Iron Bowl on the big screen. People were still rolling in after the sun went down. That’s when the Antics came to life. There were Barbie Jeeps getting towed behind RZRs. A hood with seats and handles welded to it was used for excitement as people went for the ride of their lives around the campground and down the bomber track.


More and more people continued to poor into the already packed out campground to witness the most exciting off-road event of the year. That’s right the Mountain Mayhem Competition was scheduled for 10:30 and a crowd of cheering fans covered the hill sides around Los Primos and its infamous double ledge. The driver meeting was held as some of the sport’s top drivers prepared for launch. The course started at the entrance to the gully just at the very bottom of the trail and ended as you topped the double ledge. Each driver got 3 runs and the fastest time wins. Blue Torch Fabworks put up $1000 in prize money and Smith Motorsports threw in an extra $500 to sweeten the deal. You would have thought this race was for a million dollars! The battle for 1st place was between Bobby Tanner, Wes Kean, & Timmie Cameron. Bobby Tanner launched up the double ledge with one of the fastest times but was a little slower in the first section of the course. Wes Kean put on a show as he wheelied through the finish line. Tim Cameron sent his rig flying over 10 feet in the air with one swift punch of the skinny pedal. Wes had his rear tires studded with what looked to be lug nuts? This did not play a huge factor as he broke his transmission in half and cut a rear tire. Wes and the folks at Smith Motorsports didn’t let that slow them down. They swapped both rear tires and hoped the trans would hold on for one final run. It did and it was the fastest run of the day. Sending Wes Kean home King of the Mountain with $1500 Cash in his pocket paid in full at the finish line. For all other venues out there, this is how a REAL competition should be run. I only hope they take note. The $50 each person spent to get into the park for the event wasn’t even in question. I would have paid double that to watch the event again. Luckily for those of you that did not make it, the race will be featured in our new DVD “RockRods” to be released in Early 2011.

Once the comp was over, everyone scrambled back for a great lunch catered bye some great Tennessee folks. (I hope to see them and their hot wings at more events) Then it was an all out race to the trails. Everyone with a rig went out to enjoy the rest of the day with full throttle on their minds. The day was capped off later that night with some birthday cake and a few of our favorite beverages. There was also some more Hell Sledding & Pitbike shenanigans that went on into the night.


Everyone awoke and started getting ready to make the long journey back to reality. A few of us stuck around for some last day shenanigans. The Barbie Jeep graveyard was picked of every good vehicle it had & even a few that were questionable. We took some time to modify said vehicles with a sledge hammer, pry bar, and chain saw. We then loaded up our chariots and carried the over to the Los Primos bypass trail for a Downhill Race of epic proportions. Racers faced off two at a time single eliminations style. When the dust cleared and the little pieces of plastic stopped flying through the air, the winner was Busted Knuckle Racing. I took home $18, some stickers, a burger king gift card and a memory of one of the funnest races I have ever been a part of.

Check out all of the pictures and Videos and we will see you guys next year for RBD 2011. I will be there to defend my Barbie Jeepin Title.

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RBD 2010 – Mountain Mayhem Competition

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