Hayabusa Powered Samurai Buggy

Hayabusa Powered Samurai Buggy

We see a lot of cool off road rigs when we are out in the woods but when we saw Austin Witherow’s Hayabusa Powered Samurai Buggy we just knew we had to learn more about it. After all it is not every day that you see a Hayabusa powered Samurai much less a fully tubed out rock buggy. Austin kept with the Suzuki theme by doing the Samurai Hayabusa Swap. He then swapped the axles in from a Toyota truck. The truck also donated a transmission and transfer case to the build. It uses the motorcycle trans mated to a toyota trans using one of the shortest and probably strongest driveshafts that we have ever seen. The little rock buggy also features full hydraulic steering and 37″ sticky tires.

It’s a Screamer

At first glance the rig doesn’t look like much, but that all changes when he hits the gas. When Austin revs up the motorcycle engine and dumps the clutch this little rock bouncer comes alive! This Hayabusa powered buggy will do wheelies up the rocks. We tracked him down jumping up slick rock falls at Busted Knuckle Off Road Park in Stevenson, Alabama during our Trail Ride Revolution Ride. You might call this a Hayabusa rock crawler but it is more of a rock bouncer if you ask us. He made short work of the 2nd waterfall on Slick Rock Falls. Then went out the loose dirt bypass to the right of the big waterfall and out the top. When I heard this little buggy screaming up the hill I just knew I had to catch up with him for an interview to find out more about this mean machine. Big thanks to Austin for taking the time to tell us about it.

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