Jeeping BKORP – Southern Overland Adventure EP3

Jeeping at BKORP

On episode 3 of the Southern Overland Adventure 2018 we are heading to BKORP. Our very own 600 acre slice of off road heaven is better known as Busted Knuckle Off Road Park. The park is located in Stevenson, Alabama and while it has only been around for less than 2 years has a ton of great trails for all vehicles. This time we will be taking you on some of the more popular Jeeping trails including Northern Loop and Jolene. This is exactly why I built my Jeep JKU.

Northern Loop

It has been a long trip and we are on day 4 which is our final trail day of the trip. So today we can be a little rougher on the Jeeps and try some serious obstacles here at BKORP. We start the day off with a nice stroll to one of the favorites at the park and that is Northern Loop. Northern Loop is our North most perimeter trail for the property. It winds it’s way up and down the mountain through some pretty challenging rock sections before bringing you out towards the top of the Mountain. Here we try some optional hero lines so we can hear that LS3 in Jeremy’s Nitro Jeep sound off a few more times. We finished the loop in around an hour and headed to one of the newer trails on the property.


Jolene was built last November for Ricky B’s birthday party ride better known as RBD. It is a nice long ravine trail that has some challenging rock sections. A few of these gate keepers will push our Jeep’s to the limit. Especially mine on the little 35″ Falken Wildpeak tires. After all of us had a few goes at and finally conquered the gatekeeper at the bottom of the trail we made our way to the top. Here we spent a while trying to make our way up an optional rock face to no avail. Just when we thought we were done for the day, Jeremy set his eyes on Lady humps. This trail is a tough one in a Jeep. We got to hear that LS3 engine scream repeatedly before Jeremy finally called it quits.

What an Adventure!

We all decided to call it a day and get loaded up for the long trips home. Here we talked about highlights of the trip and everyone was all smiles. We had done it. We took some capable rigs, wheeled the crap out of them, drove them 80 mph on the highway, and after 500 miles of one epic Southern Overland Adventure we has crossed the finish line with some great stories to tell and memories made. I can’t wait to do more trips like this. Let us know where we should go next in the comments and thanks for watching!

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