Building the perfect Prerunner

On this episode of Knucklehead Garage we finally get started on the much anticipated Prerunner Bronco Build. Me and Bryon begin with ripping all of the factory suspension components off this mint 1995 Ford Bronco. Then we start throwing on the Desolate Motorsports Ford Bronco Prerunner suspension components, a custom Wide 9″ Rear Axle stuffed with Yukon Gear and Axle Goodies. Some Power Stop Brakes, a Redhead Steering Box, and some Deaver Leaf springs to match. We even get a little help from everyone’s favorite Ginger and Professional video editor Carter Astin.

We might have went a bit overboard on our budget with the Radflo coilovers and triple bypass rear shocks. But we think it will be worth it! Nothing is going to perform quite as well as a set of properly tuned race shocks. Not to mention the beautiful Method Race Wheels wrapped with 35 inch Falken Wildpeak Tires. We just want to take the time to give out a Big thanks to all of the companies that support Making Broncos Great Again! If you ever wondered how to build a prerunner out of a Bronco this is how.

What’s Next.

Stay tuned for the next episode where we drastically change the looks of this Budget Prerunner Bronco with some Fiberglass fenders and even more awesome parts. We can’t wait to get this project wrapped up, do some shock tuning, and then Send it off these jumps at Stoney Lonesome OHV Park. Then we will have to take it on an epic adventure. We are thinking some desert running is in order. Where should we take it? Baja would be a fun choice. Maybe we could go prerun the Vegas to Reno Course. Let us know in the comments what would be the proper testing grounds for this Knucklehead Bronco Build.

Check out how we got this project started in the video below.

How to build a Prerunner on a Budget
How to Build a Prerunner on a Budget

Bronco Prerunner Build – Knucklehead Garage

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