Timmie Cameron goes through buggies the way drag racers go through tires. He will build one and drive it for a while. If he doesn’t like the way the rig feels it will be for sale in a blink of an eye in favor of a new build. Timmie built the Hell Raiser buggy to be fitted with Rockwells. He hated the weight of the beefy axles. So he ripped out the drivetrain and sold the buggy after only one ride. He missed the light weight response of his Green Goblin buggy and decided to build another light weight rig with plenty of ponies under the engine cage.

Burnt out after building his own chassis for the Hell Raiser buggy, Tim decided to let Jimmy at Smith Motorsports build the chassis for his new project. Timmie took the chassis and built the suspension with double triangulated 4 links and coilovers at both ends. The drivetrain from Hell Raiser was crammed in between the frame rails of the new ride. A fire breathing LSX454 started off the list. This 7.4 liter crate engine from GM Performance is rated at 620 horsepower with 11:1 compression. The dirt pounding power of this engine is handled by a power-glide transmission with a 2,000 rpm stall. An Atlas t-case transfers the power to the front and rear 14 bolt steering axles. Single ended rams turn the massive TSL SX tires at each axle. Hummer H1 beadlocks keep the tires stuck on the rims while Timmie beats his way up obstacles and RCV axle shafts take the pounding and try their best to keep the tires smoking. Believe it or not this rig does not have kirkey seats in it! Seems like Tim is tired of being sore after a long weekend of rock bouncing. So he decided to fit some nice suspension seats and 4 point harnesses into his new creation. His new creation was powder-coated fire engine red and dubbed SHOWTIME! We were lucky enough to catch the rig in action at Choccolocco ORV in Jacksonville, AL during the Bama Buggy Bash event. Tim walked up Violater like it was nothing. He did however burn up the trans on WFO. He said he will get the powerglide built to handle the abuse and be back to kill some hills in no time. Timmie says he loves the new rig, so don’t expect to see a for sale thread any time soon. Keep checking back as we will be adding videos to this page. If you are a big Tim Cameron fan be sure to check out our DVD entitled “RockRods” which features a few of Timmie’s full throttle beatdowns. There will also be plenty of the new Showtime Buggy in RockRods 2 which will be available in November! Until next time, Keep that throttle matted and those tires smoking!
Check out the videos of this thing on our Youtube Channel!

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Tim Cameron ‘s NEW Showtime Buggy

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