BKF in CRAWL Magazine

Busted Knuckle Films’ debut Offroad DVD entitled “Southern Shenanigans” is featured in issue number 21 of CRAWL MAGAZINE. The editor wrote that “At less than $20 to your door, its worth getting a 24 pack of PBR and a few buddies together to kill a crappy winter afternoon.” CRAWL Magazine isn’t your typical off road mag. It is catered more towards the hardcore wheeler. Thats right you wont be seeing any mall crawling SUVS in this mag.  Just hardcore event coverage, great tech articles and the newest offroad products on the market. If you are into hardcore rockcrawling and want a magazine that is to; hit these guys up for a subscription at CRAWLMAG.com.

BKF Southern Shenanigans DVD featured in CRAWL Magazine

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