Busted Knuckle Films is proud to announce that we will be using songs by The Paramedic in our up an coming adrenaline sports dvds.

The Paramedic is a post hardcore rock band from Dayton, Ohio that is making their mark on the music world. They pride themselves in having a unique sound. “They provide a familiar, catchy, yet enjoyable sound that one can appreciate”. The band uses interesting pop hooks and sing-alongs that give the music a very pop-rock sound to it at times.”  Their guitar solos and rhythmic beats make them a perfect band for your “get pumped” play list whether you are busting a Railey behind your boat, launching your mountain bike off a huge sender or dropping into a halfpipe. Stay tuned as we post some adrenaline videos featuring this rockin band.

If you are in an up and coming band or know of one that could use some FREE advertising and would like your music featured in our videos. Contact us. It is a great way to get your name out there in the industry. Check out the soundtrack for our “Southern Shenanigans” Off Road DVD for more info about the music behind the film.

The Paramedic to be featured in BKF videos

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