The Busted Knuckle Films crew was on hand to film the first ever Mad Dash for Cash Race at Crusher Ridge Rock Crawler Park. Crusher Ridge is a 150 acre Off Road park in Faulkville, AL less than an hour north of Birmingham. Don’t let the size of the park fool you. There are plenty of challenging trails to keep you occupied for the weekend. Stay tuned to our website for a Review of the Park at a later date.

It only cost participants $15 for the weekend and that included your entry fee into the race. Entering a Free Race where there was Cash to be won was a no brainer for most of the participants. The Race course was about 200 yards long and “slick as snot on a door knob” (I think that is the correct country saying) from the 2 inches of rain that had been dumped on the course the day before. This made anything but a full throttle attempt at the final obstacle useless. The final obstacle was so nasty that only half of the competitors actually made it up. Brian Cole and his ColeWorx Highlighter Buggy took first place & $700 with the help of his Ramjet 502 and 42″ sticky iroks. Mason took second place and $300 in his black star buggy on 39 Krawlers. The Spider buggy actually shredded a 14bolt R&P.

The Race wasn’t the only action to be seen at the park. Just after the race a $800 bounty was put on the first rig up CROWALL. Diddy made a few valiant attempts in the yellow buggy only to end up on his lid. This resulted in two fires that were quickly put out with the help of some frosty beverages. You have got to love the willingness of spectators to get in there and sacrifice their adult beverages in order to help a wheeler in need.

The Coleworx crew and a few others kept the action going with some wide open attempts at Stairway. Stairway is basically a series of 4 foot tall ledges. Brain beat on his rig pretty good with no avail and eventually had to back down due to overheating issues. The Diesel buggy gave it a whirl and was denied just the same. Then the Riddler buggy shattered its hopes of making it up the unconquered wall of the day with a hard roll. His hopes weren’t the only thing shattered; his aftermarket hood took the brunt of the impact. I guess they can’t stay pretty forever! The buggy was heaved back onto all fours with the help of seemed like 30 people. Just when we thought it was impossible a silver buggy on propane finally found the right line. After a few full throttle attempts on the left side of stairway it found its way to the top to the tune of a cheering crowd echoing through the mountainside.

Crusher Ridge and the Mad Dash for Cash event will be featured in our newest full throttle offroad DVD “RockRods” due out later this year. For now sit back and enjoy some of the raw unedited footage we got over the weekend.


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Crusher Ridge – Mad Dash for Cash Race

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