Choccolocco Mountain Off Road Vehicle Park is located in Jacksonville, Alabama, just one mile from the town square. We recently had the chance to make it out to this park for the Thrills in the Hills Event. This place is just plain ridiculous. We took the sport quads so we could get around easy and film. We had a hard time following the big buggies around due to the loose steep climbs. After a few hours of riding around we had gotten the park figured out so we could easily drive around and see all the best obstacles. There was even an f-250 superduty that was basically stock roaming around on the main roads.

We started off the day bye hitting Hells Revenge which is a dry creek bed that runs down one side of the property. It had a lot of steep loose climbs that went up the far side of the creek bed. There was also a nasty stacked ledge at the end that gave the rigs a good fight. No worries though, the ones that couldn’t make it up just took the bypass. We found that most of the more difficult trails had a bypass so everyone could see the main obstacle without having to back down or turn around.

Our favorite and the most well known trail of Choccolocco Mountain ORV is “BOAT RAMP”. This obstacle gets its name because it is a rock slab that has water running across it year round. If you have ever tried to walk up a boat ramp at the lake then you will quickly see how it got its name. Kyle even tried it on his Suzuki Z400 and quickly got bucked off the back. A guy in a honda powered buggy on stickies made Boat Ramp look like a driveway but a few of the other rigs had to make multiple full throttle attempts to conquer this beast. Two of the rigs slid back down and punctured a tire on the sharp edges of the step down into the obstacle and had to make repairs. We had a good scare when lightning struck just 30 feet from where we were filming. The owners claim that most people come into the park and immediately want to go try “Boat ramp”. He tries to convince them to try a few more trails first, but sure enough they come limping back 30 minutes later with a half broken rig.

All in all the trip was great. It was almost unbearably hot, but atleast there were creek beds and water everywhere you turned to cool off a bit in between obstacles. Bottom line is you have got to put this place on your list of off road parks to check out in Alabama. Check back for a detailed review of the park. For now enjoy some of the trip videos.

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Thrills in the Hills – Choccolocco ORV

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