Mega Mud Trucks Invade Dallas Georgia

When we heard the Mega Truck Bad Boys and Dennis Anderson were coming to Dallas, Ga we knew we had to be there. We rolled up Saturday morning around 7am to beat the crowd that ascends on this muddy place. We got a good parking place and headed over to pit row to get some shots of these wild Mega Machines. Some of these guys were running almost 2000 horsepower thanks to Alcohol and Nitrous injected Big Blocks. Dennis Anderson the famous driver of the Grave Digger monster truck had his pit crew hard at work prepping his King Sling Mega truck for battle.

After a few hours of wandering around the pits and picking out some great spots to capture
the action Dennis Anderson made his way to the track behind the wheel of King Sling. The hill and hole course was made up of a few dirt jumps and mud holes to put on a show for the thousands of people looking on. Dennis mashed the throttle and the bright green mega truck leaped off the line and flew through the air off the first jump and through the mud for a lightening quick time. The mega truck bad boys came to put on a show as Opielicious, No Sweat Samurai, and the two mega Jeeps went huge on the jumps. The Steamboat Mega truck came around on his first lap and ended up rolling sideways multiple time right in front of us. The driver was ok but the body of this well known truck was demolished. The Mud Pro mega truck flopped at the exact same spot on
his run and once again was demolished. This is just a common reality that these guys have to face when they race. I am sure they will rebuild these too nasty trucks to be even faster and jump higher. Adam Anderson made a spectcular run in his Son of a Digger Mud Truck. He was getting huge air and the truck was running leaf springs! Dennis Anderson had the crowd on their feet as he lawn darted King Sling through the final mud hole on his second run. The impact sent body panels flying everywhere as it landed back on all fours. The few panels left on the truck flew off after Dennis jumped the truck one last time before leaving the course. Many of the Mud trucks hit the race course and got good air off the jumps. Some even did wheelies! What a great show.

Once the Racing was over there was an all out free for all in the mud pit as vehicles of all types swarmed the course. There was everything from racers to a minivan running around the course. All in All it was a great day in the mud. Look for us to make it to more and more mega truck events in the near future. Check out the videos at the Mega Truck Racing website.



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