The Busted Knuckle Media Run that took place at Aetna Mountain in Tennessee was a great success. We had a record turnout make the ride. The mountains were still covered in about 8-10 inches of snow. This made for a whole lot of throttle slamming high horsepower fun! We started the trip with a big traffic jam due to the icy conditions of the main trail that leads up to the property. We eventually made it to peanut butter hole where a few rigs put on a show for the crowd including one with a 10yr old kid at the wheel. That boy could drive like one of the big guns. Once things died down there we headed over to Runway and saw a great show of these buggies slinging snow all over the place as they attempted these steep rocky climbs. After a few rollovers and some full throttle chaos we headed over to Horsepower Hill and Balls Hill. This is where the show really came to life. There were rollovers left and right. Wes Kean put on a clinic on how to tackle these ice and snow covered climbs. If you didn’t have heavily modified tires your did not have a chance. Bobby Tanner gave it the best effort of the day with multiple rollovers, one of which landed his front tire in the passenger seat of Tim Bacon’s buggy. He never made it up but he was sure fun to watch. I thought Wes Kean was going to fly Tim Cameron’s old Green Goblin buggy up Balls Hill because we already know that thing can defy gravity. He gave some good motor screaming attempts but was unsuccessful. Watching a pro like Wes drive a rental made for some great entertainment for the crowd of people that were gathered at the bottom of the hills. Here are some of the videos we got that will go on the Next RockRods DVD. Big thanks to everyone who came out and put on a show for the cameras! Here are most of the videos, keep checking back as we will be adding more videos.

Also you can check out all of the great photos shot at the event by Ricky B Photography by clicking HERE. Check them out. The prints are available for purchase without the watermark in sizes up to 30×40.

This was the most amazing thing we saw all weekend. Bobby Tanner the driver of the Coleworx Screaming Blue buggy rolls over on balls hill and ends up landing on or in Tim Bacon’s passenger seat! Watch as a 44 inch TSL Bogger tire calls shotgun in Tim Bacon’s buggy.

Wes Kean was one of the only rigs to make it up Horsepower hill. His long wheelbase and narrow width axles make his rig climb like no other.

Darryl Jones hits Balls Hill hard in his Superman Samurai Buggy built by Custom Tint & Offroad. The result is one of the nastiest rolls of the day. His front right coilover couldn’t take the abuse any longer and decided to separate from the axle.

Many of you were wondering who bought Tim Cameron’s Green Goblin buggy for straight cash. Well here is a video. The new owner was playing with it in the snow.

The new owner even let Wes Kean take the wheel and give it a full throttle beatdown on Balls Hill. Wes Kean in a Rental is a win for everyone, and he put on one heck of a show.

The Aetna boys decided to show everyone the proper technique for rolling a buggy back over on a side hill. Wow, why have I never thought of that?

Trenton Parks takes a big roll down Balls Hill. This was one of my favorite buggies of the weekend. He rolled it, landed back on the tires, and kept going!

This Red Single Seater buggy had one violent roll down Balls Hill. Look closely, did he hit his head on the cage? He was bouncing around in there like a rag doll.

Woody makes and amazing save while attempting to conquer the snow covered Horsepower Hill. I still do not know how he throttled out of that!

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  • Darlene

    Just so you know, that is not a trail leading to their property, that is a road and it goes by my house and their property does not start on the left side until after the gate. The “traffic jam” totally ruined my morning and day, by first waking me up after a late night at work (and I asked nicely for ya’ll to be quiet) and then all the commotion all day long so that I could not go back to sleep!!!! Needless to say I am not a happy camper and hope that these things do not happen too often or something will have to be done. I own all the property on the left as you come up the hill before the gate and am not going to continue putting up with all the noise, because it does not seem to do any good to try and be nice. Four Wheelers, Diggers, Rock Climbers or whatever you people call yourselves do not have any respect for other people or their neighbors, that is why so many places have been closed down to riding.

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