Mud Drag Racing Action from Mud Truck Madness

The Mud Drag Racing Outlaws are some of the fastest 4WD trucks in the nation. These trucks battle it out on the Fast Track. The track is a watered down dirt that is turned with a plow so it consists of big clumps of wet soil. Check out the Outlaw and Outlaw Pro Street classes of the Mud Racing Association Fast Track Races that went down at Mud Truck Madness event in Louisiana. These trucks get down this 200 foot mud clumped track in as little as 2 seconds. They are hauling the mail and slinging mud clods into orbit. You might think why do the even have four wheel drive. Well it is all about the launch as many of these trucks go all the way down the track on the back two tires. Check out this compilation video for all of the action.

For More Mud Drag Racing Action check out the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

Check out these Mud Outlaws as they attack the pit at Mud Truck Madness!

Mud Outlaws Wide Open Throttle

Mud Outlaws Wide Open Throttle

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