Dirt Drag Bike Racing

Top Fuel Dirt Drag Bike Racing

We all love the looks of a cut bogger. These paddle like tires can move a ton of real estate. That is why the fastest Dirt Drag Bike Racing guys run them on the back of these insane machines. These wild bikes hit it Full Throttle sending Dirt Flying all the way down the 500 ft track at the mountaineer motocross flat track in Augusta, West Virginia. They line up side by side and wait for the tree to go green and once it does they let out on the clutch and blast off. It has to be one wild ride to hang on to one of these beasts as they claw their way down the track sending dirt flying way up into the sky. Check out the compilation video of the racing and head on over to the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel to see more insane Top Fuel Dirt Drag Bike Racing.

Check out the Dirt Drag Bikes Wide Open Throttle Video Below for more Insanity.

dirt drag bikes wide open throttle

dirt drag bikes wide open throttle

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