Sick 50 Mega Mud Truck

Sick 50 Mega Truck Build

Ryan Camps Sick 50 Mega Mud Truck started out as a 1950 Chevy Pickup Truck. This isn’t a fiberglass body. It is a full metal body from 1950. That is the only part he kept from the classic truck. BMF Fab built the full tube chassis around a Blown 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevy that makes 1300 horsepower at the crank. All that Woopow runs through a fully built Turbo 400 Transmission to a Profab Straight Drive Transfer Case. Heavy Duty Drivershafts transfer the power to a set of 2.5 ton Rockwell Axles that turn the 13.6-26-176 BKT Tires.

The Test Drive.

We showed up to their shop in Georgia right as they were putting the finishing touches on the truck. After a quick walk around and some last minute checks they were ready to take it for a rip down the street. Ryan and wife Brittany strapped in and headed off down the road. Ryan hammered down one good time before the transmission locked up smoking all four tires and lifting the rear tires off the ground They tried again with the same results. Upon further inspection the trans was going into reverse instead of the 3rd. This rebuilt it fixing the issue and we were off to play in the Mud.

Time to Get Muddy!

While the Sick 50 Mega Mud Truck looks like a Show Rig at first Glance. It was most certainly built to get muddy. So we headed to the closest Mud Park. West Georgia Mud Park is located in Tallapoosa, Georgia and has everything a Mud Truck needs for proper testing. Ryan put it through the ringer with wide open assaults through the pond and some nice air off of the Hill & Hole Course. Check out the Videos below to see Sick 50 get put to the test.

Skimming the Pond with 1300hp.

Hill & Hole Hang Time

Mega Truck Tug of War

Mud Truck Madness

For More Mega Truck Videos check out the Busted Knuckle Films Youtube Channel.

Sick 50 Mega Mud Truck

Sick 50 Mega Mud Truck.

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