Mud Bronco Gets Destroyed

Mud Bronco Goes Huge and Gets Destroyed

We have seen some good mud truck crashes before but not one quite like this. The HMB Mud Bronco Mega Truck was making a fast lap around the Obstacle Course at West Georgia Mud Park when it Gets some Massive Air off of the finish line jump. The jump throws the nose of the Mud Bronco into the air as it lands on just the back tires throwing it onto the front tires resulting in one nasty end over end crash sending parts and pieces flying off everywhere. The truck was absolutely destroyed as of a result. The Driver Mark Hurston was ok thanks to a good cage and some great safety equipment. Mark and the HMB team already have a new frame being built and a donor bronco to get the body from so he can get back out there and air it out again in 2015.

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Mega Mud Truck Crashes Compilation

Mega Mud Truck Crashes Compilation

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