Mega Trucks Go Powerline Mudding

Mega Trucks Go Powerline Mudding

Back to our Roots

We have seen countless Mega Truck events from all over the country. What ever happened to simply getting together with your friends and going mudding. Well this time we did just that. We sent out our new camera guy Nate Tucker to his home state of New York. His mission was to catch some old school mud bogging action and he did just that. Nate found a group of mega mud trucks and they headed out to the powerlines in New York. At first glance the powerlines didn’t look that bad as it had weeds and trees growing up all around. According to the locals if you can make it to across and back then you have one bad mud truck.

Gene’s Mega Mud Jeep

First up was Gene Fitzgerald in his 93 Wrangler with a massive big block and huge tractor tires. His mega mud Jeep made short work of the bog as he hammered down running across and back. On his return back you could begin to see just how bad this bog was as the Jeep teetered back and forth as it clawed for traction in the deep mud. The first guy up always has the best chance and he took advantage of that fact making a full pull. He went for it again later in the day and couldn’t make the first leg of the trip across as his Jeep burried itself into the slop requiring a tow.

Diesel Powered Mega Chevy

Next up we had a Longbed Diesel Chevy pickup attempt the bog. He decided to run the route backwards from the way Gene rant it. He was rolling coal as the diesel engine spun the tires digging his way into a sticky situation. Lucky for him Dave Casey from Conneticut was there pulling recovery duty in his Massive Cummins powered Ford pickup. Dave quickly pulled him out with the help of some good ol american diesel coal rolling torque. So fast in fact that he blew the intake tube off of the turbo. Lucky for him it was an easy fix as the next truck lined up to give it a go.

Bad Rap Mega Chevy

The Big Block powered Bad Rap Mega Chevy hit the bog next running the same reverse route as the diesel chevy before him. He easily surpassed the diesel’s mark thanks to the wheel speed created from his big block engine and massive tires. Just when we thought he would make the initial pass he got bogged down on the backside just before the finish. A classic white Ford Mud Truck was hanging around on that side to pull recovery duty and quickly extracted the truck from the bog. Bad Rap quickly unhooked and hammered towards the bog again. This time making it only a few feet before getting stuck again.

There was a multitude of Massive Mega Mud Trucks that showed up to do some good ol fashioned mud bogging with us. None of them had what it took to make a full pull across and back at the powerlines other than Gene Fitzgerald and his Mega Jeep. Everyone had a great time pulling recovery duty and helping everyone get back running to hit the hole again. Nate enjoyed filming and we really liked the footage he came back with. I hope you all enjoy it as well. We will be covering more and more of these Northern trucks and their awesome non event mudding action so Stay Tuned for more. Until next time be sure to follow us on the Busted Knuckle Films Instagram, Snapchat (@the_BKfilms) and the Mega Mud Trucks Facebook Page.



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