Bypass Oil Filter System Install – Tow Rig Tech

Bypass Oil Filter System and What it can do on your Tow Rig.

We’ve shown you how to work on Rock Rods and UTVs but what about your tow rig? Chances are you use a diesel pickup to get your off road vehicle to the trail. On the premiere episode of Tow Rig Tech we show you how to make the oil in your Diesel pickup truck last twice as long. We do this using an Extreme Bypass Oil Filter system for Insane Diesel. This bypass oil filter system features a new filter that is used in addition to your regular oil filter to provide cleaner oil to your truck. This in turn saves you money from not having to buy expensive heavy duty diesel oil as often.

We are doing the install on my 2002 Ford Super Duty with a 7.3 Powerstroke engine. They have kit’s available for Duramax, Cummins, or just about any engine. Insane Diesel even makes bigger filters for RVs and Semi Trucks. Note that we are not saying that the system works. This is a How to bypass oil filter install video. We are in the process of testing the bypass oil filtration system to prove their claims. We will be doing a series of Oil Analysis tests to show this. Stay Tuned for more. We were changing the oil every 5k miles and that will be our first test. We hope to go 10-20k with this system.

So far we have been 5,000 miles and everything looks good. We will be sending off the first oil analysis soon so stay tuned to the Busted Knuckle Films Facebook Page for more information. If you want to order one of these filter kits for your truck you can purchase them on Insane Diesel’s Website. We hope you enjoyed this new series. Our next episode will be installing some upgraded Brakes onto our Super Duty so we can slow down these 35 inch tires.

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