Epic Powerstroke Beatdown

Powerstroke Airs it Out

Watching mega trucks air it out on the obstacle course all day at West Georgia Mud Park will get you pumped up.The driver of this Ford Powerstroke truck decided he could hit the jumps just as good as the mega trucks could. The driver of the Yellow Super Duty hit the course with reckless abandon. It doesn’t take long to tell this is no stock truck.Well the suspension is stock but the motor is a fully built and bulletproofed 6.0 powerstroke. The driver rolls coal on the obstacle as he airs out the ford truck until the last jump almost takes the bed completely off of the truck. They secured the bed then proceeded to win the DOT mud drag racing class. This truck with some 33 boggers on it makes it one heck of a sleeper in the mud. They even drove it to the event pulling a trailer. Then turned around and drove it home. Making this video nothing short of epic!

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Watch this Sleeper Dominate the Mud Drags.

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