1000 Horsepower Warthog Buggy aka Foss Hogg

Warthog Buggy

The Warthog buggy was way before it’s time. It was originally built back in 2006 to compete in the Top Truck Challenge Competition. That was back when they allowed full tube chassis vehicles. Warthog won the event in 2008 with Clayton Kraatz of Canada behind the wheel. It quickly became a crowd favorite and is still talked about to this day. The buggy still competed for a few years and went through some changes in that time as well. 

Foss Hogg

Bryan Foss purchased it and decided to make some changes. Check out the video as he hammers on the Warthog Buggy. He has rebuilt and renamed it Foss Hogg. He put it to the test at the 2017 Mountain Havoc 4×4 Madness event. Foss Hogg now features a LS stroked 427. A whipple Supercharger sits on top and makes 14 pounds of reliable boost. The combination helps put down 1003 hp and 900ft lbs of torque at just 3000 rpm.

Mountain Havoc

The Havoc event takes place at Purcell Trench Ranch in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho every year. The event draws a ton of Top Truck Challenge style builds from all over the US and Canada. Mountain Mafia Entertainment is in charge of putting on the event. The TTC drivers are in charge of putting on a great show for the crowd. The event takes place on a multitude of off road courses. Everything from mud holes, hill climbs, and everything in between. Head over to the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel for more coverage of this great event.

Here is another Unique Supercharged Build called Outlaw.

The outlaw rock bouncer

The outlaw rock bouncer IFS IRS build

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