Dennis Anderson King Sling Goes HUGE

Dennis Anderson King Sling

Dennis Anderson is well known for being one of the best Monster Truck drivers in the World. He drives the Grave Digger Monster Truck at Monster Jam events all over. Did you know that he also had a mud truck that is even more awesome than his monster truck? The Dennis Anderson King Sling Mega Truck is Bad to the Bone.

King Sling

The name of Dennis Anderson’s Mud Truck is King Sling. It is basically a Monster Truck with smaller tires and more horsepower. This makes it one of the baddest Mega Trucks on the planet. He is not afraid to drive it into the ground to put on a show either.

Thunder Valley Mudplex

We caught up with Dennis at Thunder Valley Mudplex in Neeses, South Carolina. He was there to put on a freestyle show for the crowd. Mr. Anderson did that and more. He started the show by pulling up onto the first jump and revving the engine a few times. Then he backed up and hit it launching into the air. The crowd went wild as he rounded the end of the track and came back again. This time hitting another jump and soaring through the air before landing effortlessly. He did this a few times before coming into the last corner a little hot. The truck tipped up on it’s side as Dennis bicycled it onto two wheels before making the save.

A Living Legend

The Dennis Anderson King Sling Mega truck made a few more passes before pulling up to the podium for a speach. During the speach he thanked the crowd for every bolt on his truck and every shingle on his roof. He had been in the Mud and Monster Truck world then for 31 years. His great attitude and driving skills and no doubt a ton of hard work has gotten him to where he is today. A living legend in both Mega Trucks and Monster Trucks. For more King Sling Videos check out the King Sling Playlist on the Busted Knuckle Youtube Channel. Check out the video below to learn more about this one of a kind mud truck.

Dennis Anderson King Sling

Dennis Anderson King Sling



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