Plowboy Mud Mega Truck Build

Plowboy Mud Mega Truck

Richie Keith’s New 1600 Horsepower PlowBoy Mud Mega Truck weighs in at less than 6000lbs ready to race with rear stear and a blown alcohol injected big block Chevy engine. The massive V-tread tractor tires are turned by a 2 speed powerglide transmission, Straight Drive Transfer Case, and a set of steering F106 axles. This makes the truck unique in the fact that it features rear steer with automatic return to center. Richie has a joy stick that controls the rear axle in the cockpit of the truck. When he pushes it right the rear axle turns right and when he lets off of the joystick the axle returns to straight. This makes negotiating the sharp turns on the mega truck racing course a whole lot easier. Richie is well known for his rock bouncing shenanigans but is still learning when it comes to the Mega Truck. He has already wrecked the body on it at least once testing at his farm in Tennessee. He plans to get a lot more seat time in the truck with the body off on a test track near his house before returning to the racing scene in 2016. We wish him luck and can’t wait to see this beat slinging mud at an event very soon.

Watch this truck in Action on the Busted Knuckle Youtube Channel.

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Rock Rod Garage with Richie Keith - Episode 1

Rock Rod Garage with Richie Keith – Episode 1

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