The Outlaw Rock Bouncer – Supercharged IFS/IRS Build

The Outlaw Rock Bouncer

Clayton Hollingsworth went totally outside the box on his new Outlaw rock bouncer build. The Outlaw Buggy features a Nasty Supercharged and Nitrous fed LS motor that rides shotgun just to the left of the driver. Power is put to the ground through 9 inch housings. These housing hook to custom independent front and rear suspension. This is only the second buggy to ever run this setup in competition. Massive RCV axles keep the tires turning. Tractor tires in the back and Super swamper SX tires in the front make for the ultimate Off Road Mullet. Unique engine placement and cage design makes the Outlaw look like a cross between moon buggy and rail buggy. Make no mistake it is built to hang with the best of the best in the SRRS.

Maiden Voyage

Clayton showed up to the second race of the 2017 Southern Rock Racing Series Season. Many didn’t think it would work but it dominated right out of the box. It climbed both hills in blazing fast times. This placed Mr. Hollingsworth at the top spot on the SRRS podium at Stoney Lonesome OHV park in Bremen, Alabama. This was the IFS/IRS rock bouncer buggy’s maiden voyage. It has some of the top drivers worried since it was one of only 3 to conquer the second hill. Will it continue to dominate? Will it become a game changer in the rock racing world? We can’t wait to see in compete in the rest of the 2017 SRRS season so we can find out!

More Unique Rock Bouncer Builds

The original fully independent rock bouncer known as The Kracken is still around. Check out the video of it below and don’t forget to follow Busted Knuckle Films on Instagram for more great off road content.

Also check out the IFS Rock Bouncer that Tim Cameron built called Money Maker.


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  • Mark Harmon

    Is there other technology involved here. Those flashing lights in front could be stoboscopic to feed better data to an active suspension system. These designers seem to practical for them to be a gimmick. And this buggy is so superior. There has to be more than more power and better traction.

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