Rock Bouncer Chained Burnout

Chained Burnout Rock Bouncer Style

When Scott Goforth of Goforth Tire in Kodak, Tennessee got word his new buggy build was almost complete over at CSC Fabrication he knew he needed a good way to show it off. That’s where we came in with the idea to do a Chained Four Wheel Drive Burnout. Little did we know that Scott wanted to melt down a set of 43 SX Stickies. We arrived around 11am on the day of the shoot and Scott already had everything ready to roll with a dual axle dump truck backed up to the door with a chain hooked to it leading out into a sea of off road tires. His Brand New Rum Runner Buggy was ready and waiting. We setup all of the cameras and got ready to roll. His new build consists of a Full Tube Chassis built around a 408 stoker LS motor that runs on C85 and puts down over 700 Horsepower. A th400 handles the shifting and a Profab Straight Drive Transfer Case splits the power to the front and rear 14bolt Axles. The front 14bolt features Big Bell RCVs Axles so Scott Never has to Lift. They turn a one off set of Raceline Beadlocks wrapped with 43 Super Swamper SX rubber. Scott cranked the beast up and pulled the chain tight. On our mark he rolled into the throttle and broke the tires loose until they were rolling smoke. He did two pulls before a gasket let loose on the engine blasting oil all over it. This was due to the crazy amount of oil pressure the motor was making.

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