Tim Cameron Game Changer Compilation

Tim Cameron Game Changer

Check out the Tim Cameron Game Changer Rock Bouncer Buggy. He took the 650 Horsepower LSX454 motor and Built Powerglide transmission out of showtime and built his own chassis. It features a monster truck profab transfer case and custom Dana 80/Rockwell Hybrid Axles. Now the new weak link has to be the wheels and tires because everything else is bullet proof! The Cut 43 TSL SX tires mounted on 20″ Beadlocks are going to take an absolute beatdown in this rig. This build also features brand new internal bypass coilover shocks to keep those tires planted on the ground and getting plenty of traction. As always Game Changer features self centering Rear Steer.

We caught up with Tim Cameron and his new Game Changer Rock Bouncer build at Morris Mountain ORV in Heflin, Alabama. We followed him around to see how this new rig did on the rocks. He went up a few famous obstacles like they were nothing. This included The Good, Bad, and Ugly as well as V-Notch. Check out our Detailed Walkaround video of Game Changer for more.

Which is your favorite?

This has to be one of my favorite rock bouncers ever built or owned by Tim Cameron. This was the first one that could take the thrashing he put them through and not break and changed the sport of rock bouncing as we know it. The black and orange color scheme didn’t hurt either. Check out the compilation video of Tim Cameron beating the fire out of this ride all over the Southeast and let us know what your favorite Tim Cameron buggy is in the comments!

Check out the compilation below of his Showtime 2.0 Buggy


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