$10K Dirty Turtle Bounty Hill – Rock Rods Episode 13

Rock Rods Episode 13

Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash

The Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash is an annual event put on by the guys at Dirty Turtle Off Road Park in Bedford, Kentucky. The park owners have spent a lot of time and money improving this park, and it is now one of the best in the south. The Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash is always a big event, drawing a crowd from all over the southeast. This year, the park is hosting a side by side and a rock bouncer bounty hill race. On the rock bouncer side, there is a $10,000 bounty for fastest driver up the hill!

Rock Bouncer Bounty Hill

The hill picked out for the race today is not very difficult. However, there are several ledges and logs across the trail that, if hit with speed, will send the buggies flying into the air. The key to this race will be keeping the tires on the dirt, and power to the ground. The Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash Bounty Hill will surely be a spectacle as the drivers launch these ledges and scramble to log a fast time.


After all drivers made their attempt, it was Kyle Crouch in Bad Donkey that takes the win and that $10,000 bounty. His time of 38.970s beats 2nd place Danny Smith (39.744s) and 3rd place Bubba Bacon (40.190s). There were a few nice rollovers as well. I think that tree mid-way up was magnetic or something. Seemingly out in the open on its own, several drivers ended up tangling with that tree! Congratulations again to Kyle Crouch and all the drivers that showed up to race. It was a great time, we can’t wait until next year!

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