Southern Rock Racing Dirty Turtle – Rock Rods Episode 9

Southern Rock Racing Dirty Turtle – Rock Rods Episode 9


Southern Rock Racing Dirty Turtle Offroad Park is always a good time. This time it is Round 2 of the 2016 Southern Rock Racing Series season and the competition is fierce. For this event, Dirty Turtle Off Road Park has picked out a couple awesome hills with multiple lines. The drivers of the SRRS Bouncer Class are ready to strap in and get to it! Brandon Davis in “Showtime 2.0” leads the points after Round 1, but has some heavy hitters close behind.

Unfinished Business

Tim Cameron wasn’t happy with is new IFS buggy “Money Maker,” but placed a respectable 4th at Round 1.  In just a couple weeks, he stripped it down and built an entirely new chassis (solid front axle this time). He filled it with a bomb proof drive-train, and is ready to line up at Dirty Turtle! This new buggy, “Unfinished Business,” has yet to be really tuned or put through it’s paces, so we’re excited to see how it works!

Bobby Tanner in the Rental

Bobby Tanner’s rig, “Screamin’ Blue” is out of commission this round.  However, being the tight-knit family this sport has become, Danny Smith has volunteered his ride.  Bobby and Danny both will be piloting the “Warfare” buggy!  Danny told Bobby to drive it like a rental, so be on the lookout for that!


Some great racing went down at Round 2.  After the dust settled, Tim Cameron and Brandon Davis tied, but TC takes the tie breaker with the fasted overall time.  Jason Spegal, Jake Burkey, and Travis Lovett round out the top 5.  Brandon Davis still leads the points after Round 2, but its getting tight!  We’re excited for SRRS Round 3 coming up at Bikini Bottoms.

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