Rock Bouncers Shred DTOR Birthday Bash – Rock Rods Ep 37

DTOR Birthday Bash

On this episode of Rock Rods we are heading to Dirty Turtle Off Road Park in Bedford, Kentucky. The DTOR Birthday Bash event takes place every year here at this small park. The park might be small but the crowd they draw to their events is Huge! Thousands of off road enthusiasts flock to this event each year. One of the main reasons is the racing payout. This brings in some of the baddest rock bouncers in the Country. This time there is $10,000 on the line for the fastest driver up the hill which has been soaked in rain all night.

For 2017 they have a man made course with a mix of dirt hills, tires, and slabs of concrete. The first obstacle is a stair step if massive logs. Some drivers will most likely attempt to jump this. The second obstacle is a steep concrete ramp that will require some momentum and commitment to make it out the top. Then we have a few man made dirt walls and a wide open pass to the finish line. The kicker is that you have the option of hitting the concrete ramp. If you make it you get a time deduction. If you go around you don’t. So pretty much everyone will have to take that line if they want to win.

Race Recap

We saw a lot of great runs and quite a bit of carnage. It seemed like the concrete ramp wall was giving most of the drivers problems. In the end Tim Cameron takes the win in his Unfinished Business Rock Bouncer. Clayton Hollingsworth takes 2nd in Outlaw. Kyle Crouch takes 3rd in Bad Donkey. We hope you enjoyed this episode with the Live Leaderboard. Be sure to check out our full Rock Rods Playlist on Youtube for more great action.

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